Bamboo charcoal
Bamboo charcoal waist support
  • Item No. : BJ671W
  • Product Name : Bamboo charcoal waist support
Description :
* combination of multi-panel bamboo charcoal cotton/polyester lined knit elastic joined with strong nylon thread and nylon brush laminated, allows body moisture and heat to escape.
* it carry heat can prenetrate deep into the skin and subcutaneous tissue and body warm.
* increases supply of oxygen and enzymes, stimulate body’s metabolism independent.
* PE pad stay on back, with additional back band offer exceptional support and stability.
* help reduce chance of back discomfort.
* provide necessary protection and comfortable relief from lower back strain, lumbago.
* fit both men & women.
* velcro adjustable, easy application.
*size: S,M,L,XL