Magnetic supports
Magnetic Wrist Support
  • Item No. : BJ1-H
  • Product Name : Magnetic Wrist Support
Description :
Bio-Magnetic Wrist Support
* Material: neoprene, 6 pcs therapeutic magnets positioned around wrist
* Based on the greatest invention in ancient Chinese medical science acupuncture
* Improves blood circulation and heightens the blood oxygen level to enhance metabolism
* Relieves muscular tension, fatigue and stiff wrist
* Get both effects of therapy and support
* Comfortable, durable and washable
*Velcro adjustable
* Bio-magnetic support for elbow,knee, ankle, waist, and more
* One size fits most
Features :
Magnetic health series operates according to the greatest invention in ancient Chinese medical science
acupuncture. Magnetic therapy enhances the body's own ability to improve its circulation. Exposure to
a negative magnetic filed will help the body naturally to decrease the level of toxins in the blood and
increase oxygen level, to reinforcing the body's own defense mechanisums and promoting physical health, to speeds up the body's ability to heal itself naturally. And it can relieve muscular tension & fatigue, stiff shoulders, ease of pain from lumbago problems and pains of arthritis & rheumatism.