Far infrared supports
Far Infrared Rays waist trimmer (FIR)
  • Item No. : BJ7115FA
  • Product Name : Far Infrared Rays waist trimmer (FIR)
Description :
* Material: neoprene, inner: nylon jersey w Far Infrared Rays Ceramic Layer
* Effective warming therapy FIR support for treatment, injury prevention, protection against abrasion
and rehabilitation, stimulate body's metabolism independent.
* Convenient way to trim waistline
* Improves abdominal muscular tone
* Get the max. benefits of FIR therapy & slim
* Comfortable, washable & durable
* Velcro adjustable, one size fits most

Features :
Far Infrared Rays are one type of sunlight, it travel through heat radiance and carry heat , can penetrate deep into the skin and subcutaneous, and bodily warmth.
Scientists & medical evidence prove that Far Infrared Rays with wavelength of 6-14μ, are able to naturally reach into 3-5 cm beneath the skin, and are absorbed by the human body. The resonant
absorption lead to rise in temperature in the deep subcutaneous layers, dilation of the capillaries increases supply of oxygen and enzymes, and stimulate body's metabolism independent, has been used in various form of medical treatment health & beauty products.