Medical / Rehabilitation supports
Back Support Belt
  • Item No. : BJ719
  • Product Name : Back Support Belt
Description :
* Material: Elastic band
* with 4 pcs PE pad stays on back offer additional support and stability
*For maximum back protection and comfort protection for active people
---Do-It-Yourself projects. Garden & Law work. Warehouse. Construction. Sports. Office. Hobbies
* Effective warming therapy support for injury prevention protection against abrasion and rehabilitation processes.
*Provide necessary protection and comfortable relief from lower back, strain, lumbago
* Relieves muscular tension, fatigue and stiff back
* Ease of pain from lumbago problems, arthritis and rheumatism
* Get both effects of therapy, support & slim
* Comfortable, washable & durable
* Velcro adjustable, with additional back band offer support & stability
* Rehabilitation support for elbow, wrist, palm, knee, leg, ankle, waist and more
* Size: S/28", M/32", L/38", XL/46"
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  • Country of Origin : Taiwan
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  • Payment Terms : T/T, L/C
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  • FOB Port : Kaohsiung